A Place
To Stay

Mut Mee is a
beautiful tropical
tree filled garden
on the banks of the
Maekong River, in the small border town of Nong Khai in the far north-east of Thailand, in the region known as Isan. The town is clean with nice air quality, little traffic and lots of space for exercise along the river. All of the riverfront is pedestrianised. This is Naga City, where the city emblem is the Water Serpent.

Across the Maekong is Laos and its capital Vientiane is only sixteen kilometres away... so many who stay here are travelling there or back, or renewing a Lao or Thai visa. Entering or leaving Laos is simple, and often our guests have crossed the river many times and some even live on the other side!

Suitable for everyone... with many different corners where you can be with others, or alone. Where you can work in airconditioned comfort, or in the garden.

We have inexpensive and clean accommodation in houses around the garden and a restaurant serving delicious vegetarian and non-
vegetarian Thai and Western food.

Nearby there is an Art Gallery belonging to Lisa, one of Mut Mee's owners. And Professional Yoga Masters Pancho & Beatrix offer Yoga, Reiki, Astrology & Meditation for much of the year.

There are many attractions in Nong Khai, including the world famous Sculpture Park known as Salakaewkoo (with some sculptues reaching over seven stories high)... the Thai-Lao Taa Sadet Market...and the Phu Phra Bat Historical Park (site of ancient settlement and cave paintings under strange mushroom shaped rocks, which were inhabited more than 3000 years ago).

Just to the south-east are the Wet Lands with giant Fishing Cranes and beyond are villages, lakes and a Silk Research Station which together make a wonderful one day bicycle or motorbike tour. To the west are the Flower Lands where commercial flower cultivation is the main source of income, once again easy to reach on a bicycle using our detailed maps.

Bicycles are available for hire at Mut Mee and motorbikes are just outside. Even cars (with driver or drive yourself) are easy to arrange & useful, especially if you're short of time and want to visit both the Sculpture Park and the Historical Park in one day.

Although there are all these things to do, still one of the nicest activities here at Mut Mee is simply sitting by the quiet river, relaxing and watching the water go by.

There is no malaria here in Nong Khai and I'm told by the hospital there hasn't been for 30 years. For all the thousands of people who have stayed here, we've had no cases.

Throughout the year there are many events in our calendar, including the Anou Savari Festival in March, Song Kran - the Thai New Year in April, and Rocket Festivals from May to July..

The strangest happening of all is the Maekong Fireballs which takes place on the last day of Buddhist lent on the full moon between the end of October and the beginning of November.

On this mystical night , just after dusk, pink points of light arise noiselessly from the Maekong River and fly high into the sky.

Why it happens, no-one knows. Some say it's a hoax, but forty years on nobody's been caught, and how come the lights fly true vertically and make not a sound.....?