Our Fun Community

Around Mut Mee is
a whole community
of talent. On this
page we feature
Lisa's Art Gallery, Aey's Hornbill Bookshop and the Japanese Bookshop, and on the next we show you things you may wish to study, and a variety of other interests.

Below is a picture of the soi leading down to Mut Mee & the riverbank, with Aey's bookshop to the right, & where many activities surrounding Mut Mee take place.

Art Studio

Unmistakable elements of Asian culture have been the inspiration for Lisa, one of the founders of Mut Mee, who comes from Switzerland.

Previously a guest student at the Equator Academy of Art in Penang, Malaysia, she includes in her work eastern techniques such as Chinese brush painting.

Her exhibition "Asking for Rain" at the T'shop Lai Gallery in Vientiane was highly acclaimed. In the words of the Vientiane Times "for Lisa Lippuner, painting is a form of meditation."

Lisa's techniques employ a mix of media. Acrylic and watercolours are combined harmoniously with a collage technique in which she makes some use of indigenous materials, such as mulberry porsaa and gold leaf which lends a shimmering quality.

Art Studio Lisa Lippuner on the soi has a warmth and grace which enhances the whole world around it. It is open everyday to the public. For more information visit her website at www.lisalippuner.gmxhome.de

The Hornbill Bookshop

Two doors down from Lisa's studio is the Hornbill Bookshop, owned and run by Aey.

With great character and a wonderful sense of humour, Aey delights everyone who comes by with her vast array of very good quality books (& I mean better than John Grisham!) She also sells some exquisite wall hangings and tapestries, incense and other little knick-knacks.

If you wish to use the internet, or want to make a telephone call or a fax, then Aey can help you with these as well. But the thing she does best of all is just being Aey!


The word "Ayurveda" literally means "science of life" and is that branch of the Indian philosophy which deals with the human body and its illnesses. Frequently regarded as one of the most ancient healing systems, it has it's roots way back in Indian antiquity.

Hamish, or "Harps" as he's often called, has been staying with us for a number of seasons, & spends the other half of his year studying Ayurvedic Massage high up in the Himalayas. He is now an accomplished exponent of this healing art and is fully equipped to practice it.

Harps provides a full Ayurvedic oil massage to relax and balance the bodily systems,which is available in a two hour or shortened one hour format.

For those with specific needs, Harps also stocks a range of specialist oils.

He also offers Pressure Point massage which works on vital parts of the body to stimulate specific organs; and Foot Reflexology to promote overall well being.

Write to Harps at:

and he will happily answer any questions.

Mut Mee also offers yoga courses taught by Pancho, the programme helps to give students a full understanding of the total yogic system