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The four owners of Mut Mee are Julian Wright from England, Pao Wright from Thailand, Lisa Lippuner from Switzerland and Robert Lippuner from Germany. The business has been open since 1988 (2531)

Julian Wright first came to Mut Mee on the 1st of March 1989, just four months after it opened. It was here that he met Pao some six months later. After extensive travels in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, The Philippines, Hong Kong and India, he eventually returned to England in 1992. Missing Pao dreadfully, he decided to quit his work in marketing and communications after only three short months, and returned to Thailand in early 1993, where they got married in June of that year. At the same time Lisa invited him to join the business, which he took over from Lisa's original partner, local business woman Nisachon Poonark. In 1995 their eldest son Ben was born, who unfortunately suffers from some serious heart problems, and in 1998 their younger son Johnny arrived. In September 1999 he opened Le Silapa a high standard French restaurant with Frederic Dionne-Vachon in Vientiane.

Pao (Jeerawat) Wright was born in Udorn Province then studied at Phon Phisai high school and at the Rajabat Institute in Udorn Thani where she earned a degree in English. She worked for a school in Loei Province, but then became a career English Teacher at the Nong Khai Technical College, a post she took in 1987. She has done extensive work to help brighter students win national contests in English. Though her lifestyle is very hectic, she still manages to find time to organise the Mut Mee kitchen and is a wonderful cook.

Lisa (Marlise) Lippuner was born in Switzerland, where she trained at the Zurich Academy of Art as a florist. On completion of her studies she came travelling to Thailand in the mid eighties & started Mut Mee Guest House with her friend Nisachon Poonark in 1988. In 1992, Lisa left Thailand to take up a position as a guest student at the Equator Academy of Art in Penang, Malaysia, where she acquired new techniques such as Chinese ink painting. She then moved to Germany where she became an associate member of the artist group 'GbK'. The most celebrated member of this group, the renowned painter Karl-Heinz Essig, was her mentor for many years. Lisa Lippuner has made a name for herself in the German speaking art scene through numerous exhibitions. Returning to Thailand in 1998 she spends most of her time working in her own studio next to the Mut-Mee Guesthouse. She makes extensive use of Far Eastern materials, such as gold leafs, saa and rice paper. In particular, her use of gold leaf and gold paint creates a unique shimmering, constantly changing aspect to her paintings.

Robert Lippuner holds a masters degree in Social Anthropology and is a formidable chess player. He has travelled extensively in India, the Middle East and South East Asia for many years. Having completed his masters thesis in 1998, he returned to Thailand where he re-met and married Lisa. Together they have Mira, their only child, who, though half German and half Swiss, speaks perfect Thai having spent most of her life growing up here. Robert is a devoted father and dedicated supporter of Lisa's career as an artist.