This page is not intended to be an exhaustive guide to Laos. We felt that, with the exception of Le Silapa, a high standard French Restaurant in Vientiane, of which Julian is co-owner, other people could do a better job of presenting the extraordinary country of Laos than we could.

Instead we decided to provide a number of links that we believe could be useful, under a list of towns and locations.


"Le Silapa: Superb decor and French cuisine to match make this the capital's top choice for falang dining. Sample dishes from the changing menu include salmon steak in a red wine and grilled shallots sauce, aubergine stuffed with goat cheese, leg of lamb with a rosemary and garlic confit and duck breast with kathiep flower sauce. For every bottle of wine opened, the restaurant contributes to a medical fund for economically disadvantaged children…"
Joe Cummings, Lonely Planet Guide to Laos.

Care for Children

Le Silapa, is an intimate and romantic high standard French restaurant in Vientiane co-owned by Julian of Mut Mee Guest House, Frederic & our chef Anthony.

For every bottle of wine opened here, we make a donation to a Lao child in distress. By sampling some of Vientiane's celebrated haute cuisine you can help a child receive medical attention.

Le Silapa is located in the centre of Vientiane near to the Thai Military Bank and across from Wat In Peng. It is open seven days a week for both lunch and evening service.

Tel. Vientiane 219689
17/1 Sihom Rd, Vientiane
Email: Le Silapa
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Vang Vieng

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Luang Prabang

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Nambak and Nong Kiau

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Muang Xing

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Pak Beng

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Luang Nam Taa

The Boat Landing is an impressive & sustainable ecological tourism project. For more information contact Bill Tuffin via their website


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